At a certain point in your life, if you are really honest with yourself and with your circumstances and agreements with others, you will come to a point where your life will begin to change fundamentally. This change will happen on the inside first because it is born of a deeper recognition, the recognition that you are not living the life you were meant to live and that you are not fulfilling the greater purpose that has brought you into the world. This stands in great contrast to your former emphasis, which is one of acquisition and advancement according to your ideas and the ideas of your culture and nation. Now something really different has happened. An awakening has begun, an awakening to a deeper realm within yourself, a deeper experience. And though it may seem momentary and fragmentary at this point, it is enough to initiate a great shift in your life. This is the beginning of the return, the return to relationship and communication, the return to your connection with those who sent you into the world and with the greater purpose that has brought you here, a purpose that cannot be realized through intellectual inquiry alone, for it lives within you at this moment, waiting to be discovered. This has to do with your relationship with God and your Spiritual Family, who sent you here. It has to do with a deeper responsibility and accountability that exceeds that which you assume with others around you, even with your family, even with your nation. For your greater commitment is to Creation and to God, for this is what has brought you into the world, fundamentally..
The Greater Community is the environment in which you live. It includes your world and all the worlds in its vicinity. It is a vast region of space where intelligent life is interacting with each other, representing a great network of relationships between societies and between individuals in societies, a greater cosmology and a greater universe. For this, it is necessary to have a greater perspective, a greater understanding and a greater religion. It is difficult for those who only see their own personal culture and immediate environment to realize the importance and significance of Greater Community Spirituality. The significance isn't merely in the scope of its teaching, its perspective and its understanding, but in the tremendous practical advantages that it gives you in daily life in your own world and in the very small affairs with which you are normally preoccupied. The Greater Community here serves as a context - a context for seeing, for understanding and for knowing. It provides an opportunity to see beyond the limits of human thinking, human preoccupations and human beliefs and assumptions. This gives you a tremendous advantage. Thus, the emphasis here is not on what is beyond your realm, but on how to understand your realm within a larger context. What is occurring in other worlds and between other worlds is not your concern. Only very little of what is going on in the Greater Community will have any direct impact on humanity. However, the impact that is being exerted on your world from Greater Community forces is quite sufficient to create the need to learn a Greater Community Spirituality and a Greater Community Way of Knowledge. Gaining a more universal understanding and perception is the emphasis when we speak of the Greater Community. In the Greater Community, there are many forms of intelligent life and great diversity in cultural ethics, preoccupations, concerns and activities. Yet what is common to all life everywhere that has evolved into the stage of intelligence is the presence and purpose of Knowledge. Knowledge in the Greater Community is Greater Community Knowledge. The ability to receive Knowledge, to accept it and to apply it represents Wisdom, not only worldly Wisdom, but Wisdom in the Greater Community. As you were taught to see yourself in a very small way, we take you beyond yourself into a larger universe. Then, as you look back upon yourself, you will see what you could have never seen before. And you will recognize your environment more clearly than you ever could have previously. The Greater Community is made up of a great diversity of life representing many different kinds of physical environments and many stages of individual, cultural, political and spiritual development. The range of this diversity is not your concern. However, the fact that it exists and that you will encounter its reality is profound indeed and gives rise to the great need that we are fulfilling in our presentation to you.
The Great Waves of Change presents a prophecy of the difficult times ahead and the steps you can take to navigate an increasingly turbulent and uncertain future. In the face of such uncertainty, The Great Waves of Change presents a revolutionary new way of gaining certainty and life direction, a unique process that can be applied by people everywhere. By understanding the Great Waves and by connecting to Knowledge, the deeper authority within, you can find the strength, courage and inner certainty to adapt and to become a contributor, not a victim, to a rapidly changing world.
Humanity is not alone in the universe, for the universe you will encounter is full of intelligent life. Living in a well-inhabited and long-established region of space, your world will find itself in a greater neighborhood. Within this neighborhood are many powerful nations that have created vast networks of trade and commerce that are tightly governed. Most nations in this region of space are dependent on these networks for the essential resources they need to support their technology and, in some cases, essential resources just to provide the basic requirements of life. The world, therefore, is not in some remote and unexplored region of the universe. Your proximity to this great establishment of life gives you certain advantages and certain disadvantages. Your advantage is that war and conquest are suppressed in this region of space. They are suppressed to maintain order and to provide security and stability for the larger networks of nations and their commerce and trade with one another. After going through long eras of war, competition and conflict, these larger networks have been established. In this region of space, war is suppressed and outright conquest is not allowed. If a nation wishes to gain advantage and influence in another world, such as in an emerging world like your own, they must use more subtle means and employ other agents to carry out such an intervention. You are facing a non-human universe where freedom is rare, a universe that will seem foreign and even hostile to your presence should you escape the bounds of this solar system. Here you will find that you have few friends and allies. But to your advantage, there is a network of free nations in this region of space who do not participate in these vast networks of trade and commerce. They have, over time and through great effort, established their insulation and their freedom to function without outside interference. For it is always difficult for a free nation to exist around unfree nations. It is a delicate situation and has been an ongoing challenge for those free races whom you may consider to be the Allies of Humanity.
This Second Set of Briefings from the Allies of Humanity completes a crucial message regarding our vulnerability and potential within the Greater Community, the larger physical Universe in which we live. Communicated by a small group of extraterrestrial observers, the Briefings reveal the true nature and purpose of an extraterrestrial Intervention that has been underway in our world for quite some time. This group of observers represents the Allies of Humanity, an association of free races in the Universe who support the preservation of Knowledge and freedom throughout the Greater Community. The Allies distinguish themselves from the intervening forces that are here by maintaining their distance and not engaging directly with us.
You are emerging into a competitive environment in space, a complex environment, an environment where long-standing rules have been established to maintain stability amongst nations and worlds whose establishments are far older than anything that has been established on Earth. In this regard, you are but a young race, young and reckless - a young race who is beginning to experience the benefits and the liabilities of technological power; a young race who is despoiling a beautiful planet, a planet that is valued by others; a young race without wisdom and foresight who is eroding away its self-sufficiency, self-sufficiency which is always required for any emerging nation to maintain its freedom and its self-determination in the universe. There is so much now for humanity to learn and to do. Great actions must be taken, but they must be informed by a clear understanding of the universe into which you are emerging, how nations trade and function, what restrains them, what encourages them, the freedoms they have to intervene in a world such as yours and the restraints that prevent them from undertaking certain activities. Even now, though we are far from your world, we can report on these things and give you a clearer understanding of the nature of interaction, trade and commerce in your part of the galaxy, in this densely populated area of the universe. With this, we hope we can impart a great encouragement for the human family to utilize its native wisdom, to build upon its great strengths and to not fall prey to persuasion or self-deception that is always a great risk at thresholds such as these.
We give greetings. We are the Allies of Humanity here to speak with you once again after a long delay. We are far away from your world now, and we have been away for some time. But there is much we can impart to you that will be of great significance and importance for your future and for the possibility of you growing and becoming a free race in the universe, where true freedom is so very rare. We speak for those free races who live amongst many others who are not free. But we are not here representing their governments. Instead, we were sent by Higher Powers from the spiritual realm to give these Briefings to humanity. We have come from several nations for this purpose and are united in our cause. You will not know our names nor the names of our worlds, for they must remain hidden. Once you begin to understand the realities of life in the Greater Community in the universe, you will be able to understand why this discretion must be exercised. You who broadcast everything out into space around you will have to realize that to be free, you must be discreet. This is a great lesson for humanity to learn as it stands at the threshold of a universe full of intelligent life. We are here to give you counsel and perspective and to correct many of your assumptions or beliefs that could jeopardize your ability to understand your situation and the great challenge you now face from Intervention in your world from beyond by other races who are here to take advantage of your weakness, your divisions, and your superstitions for their own purposes - to establish their precedence in this world without the use of force. We have spoken of this at great length in our previous Briefings. But now we must tell you about some other things that are important to know about the meaning of freedom in this universe - what it will mean for your world, the great change that it will bring to your understanding, and the greater unity it will require amongst your nations. For you will not remain a free world if you continue your struggle with one another - your dissensions, your competition, your violence, your wars. Fighting amongst yourselves, you have no idea of the presence of those who are intervening, or the many eyes in your local universe who are watching you, and all the errors of humanity being broadcast out into space for the discreet observer to see - your tribes warring with one another in a beautiful world that is desired by others. And though there are not many other races or nations that are aware of your existence, the challenge is yet very great, very real and growing all the time.
In order to comprehend the true meaning and purpose of your relationships, you must begin with your most primary relationship of all. It is the one relationship that provides the greater context for all your other relationships at all levels. It is the one relationship that is your beginning and your final resting place. It is the one relationship that establishes your purpose for being in the world, the value of your growth and development and the direction and aim of all of your contributions in life. It is the relationship that is most essential to your well-being and your comprehension of yourself and the world. Yet it is the relationship to which you may give the least attention. It is the relationship that you may concern yourself with to the least degree. In fact, it may not be a relationship that you have thought of seriously at all. This is your relationship with God. What is God? It could be said that God is the sum of all relationships. God is the consummation of all relationships. This is a valuable definition because it enables you to experience God as a living force and power in your life rather than an absolute principle or a great and lofty Being whose reality is entirely beyond your reach and life within the world. The experience of God can be found within the context of each and every relationship: your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your physical body and your mind, your relationship with others, your relationship with nature and with other living things in the world, your relationship with the world itself and your relationship with the Greater Community of worlds in the universe around you.
Living The Way of Knowledge is the New Message Teaching on how to bring the grace, the guidance and the power of Knowledge into the Four Pillars of your life: The Pillar of Relationships, The Pillar of Work, The Pillar of Health and The Pillar of Spiritual Development. Like the four legs of a table, the Four Pillars provide the stable foundation for building a greater life in an unstable and uncertain world. Living The Way of Knowledge presents one of the great practices in learning and living the New Message from God. By building the Four Pillars of your life, you develop a true foundation and a greater certainty, stability and direction in your experience. It is the great wisdom in Living The Way of Knowledge that will provide the day-to-day insight needed as you pass through the great thresholds on the journey of discovering and following Knowledge.
Within these pages is the beginning of a direct communication from the heart of God to the heart of Creation in each of us. As you read, listen carefully. As you listen, you may feel the touch of your Ancient Home, the touch of your Spiritual Family and the touch of the Angelic Presence, that seeks to guide and protect you in your journey on Earth. Put away the burdens of your worldly mind and listen with your heart. It is time to enter the Mystery. Secrets of Heaven represents the sacred engagement we are destined to have with God, the Angels of God and with Knowledge, the deeper spiritual intelligence within us. In the pages that follow, you can begin to experience this engagement for yourself. This engagement is an environment of deep experience within you. It is here that you find you are no longer alone but are attended to by the Angelic Presence that has aided and guided you since the beginning of your time here on Earth. These are mysterious relationships to explore. The engagement experience builds the foundation for receiving the guidance, direction and counsel you need to navigate your life in an increasingly uncertain world and to locate within the world the people, purpose and destiny that you must find. This inner engagement will yield the greatest discoveries of your life.
For thousands of years, humanity has looked into the night sky and wondered: who is out there? Now you have a chance to travel into that night sky, to go beyond wondering and experience for yourself the reality and spirituality of life beyond our world. Life in the Universe is a window into the living story of our universe: the realities of trade, travel and conflict within a Greater Community of intelligent life; the birth and death of civilizations across the stars; and the greater Plan and Purpose of the Creator who oversees the spiritual progress of life in all galaxies. God is now alerting and preparing us for our destiny within the Greater Community. It is only through Divine revelation that we could come to understand these things and to learn about the reality and spirituality of life in the universe. Now for the first time, you can venture beyond the confines of our world and into the vast arena of life into which humanity is emerging. Life in the Universe is an open doorway to a greater human experience. Unfolding before you is a story and a vision of the living cosmos, the complexity of interactions between worlds and the future that await us as we enter this larger vast arena of life. Go beyond the limits of a purely human vantage point and immerse yourself in this "Greater Community," a greater panorama of life that has always called to you.
Higher Education: The first two levels of education, which account for about ninety-nine percent of education in life, do not deal with Mystery. Mystery is a nuisance, something not to deal with. It makes you a dreamer-less capable of surviving and developing your personal self. Much of the education that is happening now in human potential is for personal development. It is to talk better. Think better. Look better. Act better. Have more. Suffer less. These are important, but there is something more important. Much of the education that is happening now in human potential. Our Presence represents the Mystery of your life because we live where you have come from. That is why when you receive our communication, you receive an aspect of yourself that is very much alive, but which is perhaps beyond your reach as an individual. You have brought the vast majority of your mind, which is Knowledge, into this world. This is not your personal mind. It is not the you who is trying to survive, get things, keep things away, acquire pleasure and avoid pain. It is not struggling. It is not changing. It is not even growing. The first two stages of education deal with growth. The third stage deals with discovery. Knowledge is not growing, but your awareness of it is.
Becoming Wise: What does it mean to become wise? How do you discern Wisdom in another? What are the results of achieving this state of mind and readiness? Of course, people have many images associated with Wisdom. It is often associated with asceticism or self-sacrifice, loneliness, suffering, mystery or an inexplicable quality in others. It is often held in very high regard, but in such a way that people feel that it is quite remote from them and quite beyond their reach or grasp. Let us, then, not approach Wisdom as an ultimate state of mind or as what people generally think of as enlightenment, as if one reaches this great threshold and arrives at a complete and fulfilled state and after that everything takes care of itself. It is important to realize that enlightenment is relative to where you stand in the overall evolution of life. There are very great thresholds in all learning, and in learning the reality of life there are great thresholds as well. There are many of them, not just one. So, let us not consider Wisdom as an ultimate achievement, but as something that you cultivate as you go along.
The Greater Community Way of Knowledge can be learned. It can be experienced. It can be integrated. It can be applied. And it can be lived. To make this possible, we provide the steps. Follow them, not blindly but with your eyes open. Follow them where they lead you, not with great assumptions about what they will do for you but with a present state of mind. Learn to walk the way and you will see that there are those ahead of you and those behind you. Those ahead of you will encourage you, show you the way and give you the strength and conviction that you must proceed whether you understand or not. Steps to Knowledge will take you through those times of great transition when you are uncertain about what you are doing and who you are. It will take you beyond those points where you define yourself and your existence to a greater experience and realization. It will take you through those difficult moments when you must make difficult decisions. And it will take you into those wonderful moments when you will experience your relationship with yourself and others in an entirely new and permeating way. Here you will realize that you are advancing and that others are advancing with you, not only in this world but in other worlds as well. For The Greater Community Way of Knowledge and Steps to Knowledge are being taught in many worlds - more than you can count. This represents the Greater Plan of the Creator and a greater purpose and mission in life to restore the universe to its state of pure union and simplicity.
The Steps Continuation Training continues the life-changing journey begun in Steps to Knowledge. Containing 84 Steps, or practices, The Continuation Training takes you further towards the realization of your true purpose and destiny in life. If you have completed the journey in Steps to Knowledge twice through and have followed the instructions as they were given, without altering the curriculum, then you are now ready to begin this more advanced study.
As sacred as The Truth is the supply is always in excess of the demand.