The Truth about Child Support, Custody, Paternity and Domestic Violence

We live in an increasingly complex society & today more than ever the world demands a maturity of African American parents that we must achieve. Many parents find themselves in expensive courtroom battles over their children that they cannot afford. Historically, African American parents split up, go their separate ways, the mother caring for the children and the father moving on & that was the end of it. Those were the "old days", now we have the government actively enforcing collection and payment of mandatory child support, fathers that desire to remain in their child's life, and mothers that want their support emotionally and financially. The more sophisticated will surely realize that the system truly only accommodates the wealthy & the secure while creating hell for the poor. Over 75% of African American children are born to single parents today. If we do not learn to resolve our differences ourselves immediately then the family courts will be left with no other alternative than to see parenting as some horribly clumsy & deadly game we have decided to play

The Truth