The Truth About Child Support, Paternity, Custody & Domestic Violence

We live in an increasingly complex society
and today more than ever the world demands
a maturity of African American parents that
we must achieve. Many parents find
themselves in expensive courtroom battles
over their children that they cannot afford.

Historically, African American parents split up, go their separate ways, the mother caring for the children and the father moving on and that was the end of it. Those were the "old days", now we have the government actively enforcing collection and payment of mandatory child support, fathers that desire to remain in their child's life, and mothers that want their support emotionally and financially. The more sophisticated will surely realize that the system truly only accommodates the wealthy & the secure while creating hell for the poor.

Over 75% of African American children are born to single parents today. If we do not learn to resolve our differences ourselves immediately then the family courts  will be left with no other alternative than to see parenting as some horribly clumsy
& deadly game we have decided to play

Our greatest obligation to our children
is to prepare them to understand & deal
effectively with the world in which they
live & not with the world we have known
or the world we would prefer to have.
Adults, like children, seldom improve when
they have no other model then themselves
to copy after and the most effective way for most to cope with change is to help create it.

Should Paternity
Testing Become

The American
Association of Blood Banks found last year that in 30 percent of 280,000 blood tests,
performed to
determine paternity, the man tested was not the biological father.
Even when DNA test
results prove there is no
biological link, some men
are forced to pay child
support for children who aren't theirs.

August 2004- The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) reports that:
Of the more than $70 billion in child support debt nationally, 70%  is owed by noncustodial parents who have no quarterly earnings or with annual earnings of less than $10,000. Only 4% of child support arrears are held by noncustodial parents with more than $40,000 in annual income. Forty-nine percent of the total child support debt is owed to the government as repayment of the custodial parent's welfare benefits, and not to the custodial parent.
White Collar Pimps?

In private matters
everyone is equal before the law. In public
matters, when it is a question of putting power and
responsibility into the hands of one person rather than another,
what counts is not rank or money but the ability to do the job well.
This is equally true for mothers and fathers that co-parent as well
as for those that help parents determine how they both will support their children
emotionally and

Among Black male high school dropouts ages 20 to 35, more were in custody than in paid
employment on an average day in 1996. In 2002, one in every four African- American
Adult males were unemployed throughout the entire year.

For Black men between the ages of 55 to 64 years, jobless rates for 2002 were almost
42 percent. Among the estimated 750,700 incarcerated males ages 18 to 29 who were
incarcerated in 2003, 46 percent were Black males.

The ultimate test of what The Truth means is the conduct it dictates or inspires. To the same degree, many
books require no thoughts from those who read them, and for a very simple reason - they made no such demand upon
those who wrote them. This private collection of information and images exists to challenge the thoughts of African
American parents that have questions or concerns about Child Support, Paternity, Custody or Domestic Violence.
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